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Granite Lock has the latest key duplication and origination equipment from simple single sided mechanical keys to sidewinder transponder keys. We have the capability of cutting high security automotive keys on site or at our shop location. We can program most transponder keys as well as state of the art key cloning.  If you have a problem with your ignition or door lock, we do repairs such as repining or replacing of worn or broken locks. We provide in-shop service to many local body shops and dealerships on a daily basis . Modern locksmiths now use a laptop and a computer-operated key machine to make keys. 


What is a transponder key?

Inside the head of your key is a transponder chip, and there is an antenna around the ignition. The antenna emits a radio frequency (RF) which activates the chip. If it is programmed, it allows the vehicle to start. If it is not programmed, it might crank the engine, then die or not crank at all. This is considered a passive anti-theft system.


Common automotive lock issues:

We can repair or replace your ignition quicker and at a lower cost than the dealer. In most cases, we use a better than original factory part. The ignition that the dealer uses most times is the same problem-causing type ignition. 


Older GM Vehicles: If your key looks like this one, these equipped vehicles have issues. If you insert the key, turn it to start and it doesn't, is your security light flashing? There are fine thin wires that are part of your anti-theft system that are attached to the ignition switch. Most times from age and use these break creating a "no start" issue. Granite Lock can remedy this problem at your vehicle location. No towing to a dealer.


Key cloning

We have the equipment to clone most auto keys. The cloner reads the electric signature of your key and writes it onto a new key.

Chrysler Dodge Jeep

"Key will not turn." The ignition that we use is far superior to the factory one and will not have the same issues.


Ford Focus

"Key will not turn." A very common problem on the early Ford Focus. We supply and set up an ignition cylinder that will not fail like the original one.


Honda Vehicles

"Key will not turn." The Honda key looks like a popsicle stick. This manufacturer has their own set of problems. In most cases we can remove, repair and reinstall the problem lock


Plastic head of key broken

We have a large selection of shell keys. They are key blanks that do not have transponders embedded into the heads. They have a removable portion that we can reinstall your chip into the head. We duplicate your key and reinstall the chip into the new key. A much more affordable solution

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